Gavin Magnus Signs Global Multi-Album Deal with Big Noise Music Group

July 13, 2023 (NEW YORK, NY) – Today, 16 year old musician, content creator and activist Gavin Magnus has announced the signing of a global multi-album deal with the Los Angeles based music company Big Noise Music Group

“This is the first time signing someone so young to the label” shares Big Noise’s president Jon Cohen. “We believe Gavin is the next super star. There’s no one else out there doing this at his age and killing it!” 

Hear more from his team via Gavin’s YouTube Channel.

With 20 million followers and subscribers to date, Gavin Magnus is one of the creators leading the content charge in the ever changing music industry. 

By consistently creating viral content ranging from music videos with 70 million views to other lifestyle platforms, Gavin has been able to foster a following by not only sharing his talents, but his authentic self with the world, expanding the artist to fan narrative with daily access into his life. 

Similar to the commonly associated Justin Bieber, Gavin’s talent began to turn heads with his first viral music video by the age of 11 and later signed with Columbia Records at 12, making him the youngest artist they’ve signed. 

After gaining the attention of major labels and countless offers, Gavin found a new home with Big Noise’s Head of A&R, John Feldmann of Goldfinger, who has previously worked with Blink-182, Avril Lavigne, Panic! At The Disco, The Used, Good Charlotte and many more.

“Gavin has incredible taste. His instincts are great when it comes to melodies and tone. He’s a great writer. He’s always up for anything even when he loses his voice, he figures out a way to push through after I’ve been making him sing for 10 hours straight!” shares Feldmann. 

Working with Feldy is like hanging out with a puppy. He’s always full of energy, excitement, and good vibes.” – Gavin Magnus 

Growing up in the spotlight, Gavin continues to evolve and grow. His melodic rap sound continues to expand into the realm of pop punk, combining and pulling inspiration from the likes of Post Malone, Machine Gun Kelly, Justin Bieber and The Kid LAROI on his upcoming album to be released in 2023. Keep an ear out for new music and his new single ‘PSYCHO’ coming soon.


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