ESCAPE THE FATE is a three-word phrase synonymous with heavy rock n’ roll and hooks, post-hardcore with
weight, and unrelenting genre-redefining anthems built for diverse audiences. Over a decade into their young
career, they have proven to move crowds equally at major rock radio festivals, the legendary Vans Warped
Tour, or on the road with Five Finger Death Punch.

CHEMICAL WARFARE is the sound of a band that’s more comfortable in their own skin than ever, recharged
for the next era of their career, reinvigorated, and redefined, without losing any edge.

“I hope that people think of Escape The Fate as a good time, but a good time in a better way,” singer Craig
Mabbitt explains. “We want people to connect deeply with the music and disappear in it. Get lost and then
return from the album, or show, feeling inspired about themselves. We want to make people feel better about
life, to know they can take on all of its hardships. That’s what the music does for us as a band. That’s what we
want it to do for the audience, too.”

Mabbitt, Thrasher, TJ Bell, and Robert Ortiz have each been making music, and on the road, before they were
old enough to drive. ESCAPE THE FATE is poised to shatter all preconceived notions about the past, with a bold
step forward into their future. It’s not their storied and beloved music, which regularly captures roughly 2
million listeners across streaming services each month, that requires any distance. It’s the decadence, drama,
and retrograde “bad boy” image that they’ve left in the dust.

An authentic, visceral, and electric connection with the audience is the heart of what ESCAPE THE FATE is
about. The guys in the band understand what it means to be broken, from childhood trauma, to the
tumultuous downsides of the music business. They know how music can heal.