408 is an American Alt-Punk band that takes influences from Pop Punk, Emo, EDM, and Trap creating a sound that can be described as if Blink-182 and Marshmello had a baby. Members Mark Faroudi, Nick Hanus, and Nick Roque are all featured vocalists across different tracks while also ripping bass and guitars respectively. The interchanging vocals separate 408 from all other acts and allows for contrast and diversity currently unseen within the music scene. Backed by virtuoso Jake Cerretani on the drums. 408 has regularly recorded and consistently play-listed on Spotify and Apple Music editorials. 408’s debut album “Out of It” was recorded at the Audio Compound with Andrew Karpovck and Andrew Wade, together creating tracks such as “Mark Hoppus” and “Backfired” which have amassed over 2.5 million total plays alone. 408 continues to push boundaries by writing with Billboard writers, Nick Bailey and Kyle Fishman to create music that is both genre defining and ahead of the curve. Blink-182 frontman Mark Hoppus himself tweeted 408’s single “Mark Hoppus” and gave praise to the song and the band for paying homage to him. In March 2023, 408 went viral on Tik Tok, gaining over 2 million views and 80,000 followers in 14 days with their new song “We Don’t Get High Like We Used To.”


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