After a brief break from the global spotlight, The Veronicas are back, ready to take the throne as the OG trailblazers for the alt-pop renaissance we’re seeing today, next to artists like Olivia Rodrigo, and queer anthem artists like Charli XCX. Jessie and Lisa reflect on their journey, saying, “We were fortunate to experience success early in our careers, touring extensively around the world for 12 years. Taking a break to live life was a necessary step for us. We can’t wait to reconnect with the people who loved our music as we were all growing up together.”

For this next chapter, The Veronicas have aligned with LA-based record label Big Noise, home to The Used, MOD SUN, Goldfinger and more. The team are elated to add the talented Aussie twins to the roster as the first female group signed to the label, and release their awaited new album. President Jon Cohan shared, “We couldn’t be more excited to begin this new era of The Veronicas with ‘Perfect’! The song is absolutely incredible and will certainly set the tone for the months to come and, of course, for the new album.”

In late October 2023, The Veronicas made an astounding global comeback with their long awaited release “Perfect”. The “proud middle-finger lead single” (Billboard) sent fans into an online hysteria, reminding listeners how the girls have served as the blueprint for the pop-rock anthems dominating music today. The track provided a glimpse into their highly anticipated album GOTHIC SUMMER, releasing March 2024 via Big Noise. On December 15, 2023, The Veronicas will give their fans the next taste of their upcoming album with the release of their second anthemic single “Detox”.

“Perfect” is a riotous pop/rock anthem, infused with 90’s style distorted guitars, shimmering melodies, and passionate adlibs. The spirited anthem reflects timely on society’s compulsion with comparison and perception, urging greater self-love, and mastery of your own design. The gothic themed chorus lyrics (No one makes it out alive), reminding people that while we may exist as individuals, we are all connected by the humanity of our ends, vividly paints a picture of anti-ego anarchy.

The single was created with John Feldmann (Blink-182, Avril Lavigne, YungBlud), and co-produced by Ryan Linville (Olivia Rodrigo, Chappell Roan, Charlotte Cardin). To add even more excitement and pop-punk nostalgia to the mix, Travis Barker from Blink-182 happened to be in the neighbourhood and hopped on the drums.

“Perfect” has set the stage for the latest achievement in The Veronicas’ story, with Wonderland sharing that the track “…is a testament to their ongoing brilliance”. The song has been met with additional outstanding critical acclaim, as American Songwriter raved, “The declarative track offers a modernized, elevated version of the duo’s early, infectious pop-rock sound”, and Forbes best summed it up stating, “The Veronicas make a ‘Perfect’ comeback”. The song released just 24 hours ahead of The Veronicas’ electrifying appearance at When We Were Young festival, making them one of the most talked about performances of the weekend. They recently also shared a beautiful stripped back, acoustic version of the song for fans – watch here.

“Detox,” their second release with Big Noise is a wild fusion of pop-rock, ska, poetry and skate punk, fearlessly blending genres and challenging any expectations of pop conventions. The single is an exploration of the chaos and hypnosis of toxic relationships, delivering provoking lyrics like “I’m on my knees, I’ll never leave – I love my friends like I love all my enemies”. “Detox” is bound to elevate your heart rate, have you banging your head, and shouting along to its addictive hooks all winter (and summer). A testament to the girls’ historic love of genre-fusing songwriting and pushing artistic boundaries, this is the song of your “Gothic Summer”.