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How can I submit my music to Big Noise?

We are always accepting new music and are excited to check out your project. Please send all submissions to [email protected] and expect a 3-4 week lead time on response.

How can I work at Big Noise?

We’re very selective on who we bring onboard the team, but are always looking to find the next young A&R or artist. Experience matters, so please don’t submit anything if you haven’t had some sort of experience in the industry. Submit your top 10 up and coming artists or songwriters your excited about to [email protected]

What kind of songwriters and producers is Big Noise interested in working with?

We’re looking to find songwriters and producers that are collaborative, hardworking and are clever and forward thinking with their writing and production. The people we work with need to have an overall sense of what’s next-next.

Are there opportunities to work in the Noise Nest studio?

Our studio is always looking for runners and assistants. A lot of our assistants have moved on to become full time engineers in our studios. If you haven’t had studio experience before, that’s OK but give us your top three reasons why you think you’ll fit in the Big Noise family and what your main goal is for the next three years.

How do I go about licensing one of your artist’s songs for a project?

Licensing requests or questions can be emailed to [email protected]


We’re constantly releasing new music across multiple genres. Check out a few of our most recent projects.