408 Shares Reminiscent Single “Remember Her Like That”

October 31, 2023 (New York, NY) –  Today, 408 have shared their latest single, “Remember Her Like That” released via alt rock label Big Noise. The Orlando based, high energy act is known for their unique, genre bending sound stemming from a melting pot of new-wave pop punk, hip-hop, modern pop and EDM. 

“Remember Her Like That” carries the punchy melodies of classic pop punk tracks while maintaining an iridescent ambiance that stays true to the quartet themselves. The softer single captures a lasting snapshot of a significant other, like a ghost haunting a comforting memory floating in the back of your mind, stored away for safekeeping. Unable to let go of what’s already been lost, 408 lament over fragile, broken pieces of a relationship before truly being able to move on. 

Listen to “Remember Her Like That” here: https://bignoise.ffm.to/rhlt 

The song takes listeners on an emotional journey back in time, reminiscing on the nostalgic feelings of missing someone you once loved. 

“Remember Her Like That” was written with Nick Bailey, Kyle Fishman and Matt Thiessen of Relient K” shares the group. “The band wanted to tap into their Jimmy Eat World inspirations and make a song that was energetic and anthemic. The band and writers sat in a room in Nashville and shared a story that many have gone through when you no longer have the person you love in your life, but you will always remember her.” 

Most recently, 408 dropped their cheeky song and video for “Break Up With Your Girlfriend.” 

Listen to “Break Up With Your Girlfriend” here: https://bignoise.ffm.to/buwyg  

Catch the music video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DdG8n_dPpVc 

Previous hits like “We Don’t Get High Like We Used To”, “Backfired (ft. Taylor Acorn)” and “Mark Hoppus,” which gained traction and praise from Mark himself, have opened the band’s door from a national to worldwide audience. 

408 recently completed a US tour with Magnolia Park, poptropicaslutz and Tx2 and are gearing up to release new music following the band’s signing of a global record deal with Big Noise earlier this year. 


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