Stolar is a songwriter and producer known for developing signature sounds for artists in multiple genres. In the 2 years since he shifted his main focus from being an artist to a writer/producer his songs have amassed over 150 million streams and been recorded by artists ranging from Selena Gomez to John Legend. Stolar’s upcoming releases include singles with G-Eazy, Demi  Lovato, Trevor Daniel, Camila Cabello and Aloe Blacc. Stolar is currently developing two groundbreaking artists through his production company Raw Emotions. Evangelia is a Greek/American artist fusing Greek instruments with modern pop music and Ivan and Peter are digital avatar DJ’s on a mission to spread love and defeat evil with their music. In less then a year of development both the projects are respectively signed to Sony music. Stolar is also one half of the rock duo Jaxson Gamble that has amassed over 50 million streams and secured over 100 commercial syncs including the 2019 Super Bowl and 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

As an artist, Stolar developed the Raw Emotions project where he explores different emotions and creates music, photographs and collaborative art projects inspired by that particular emotion. Stolar is an advocate for mental health and speaks openly about the importance of removing the stigma around this issue globally. He lives between a house on a hill in Los Angeles and an apartment on a loud street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.