Imagine being given the opportunity to produce music for one of the most renowned punk-rock bands, Goldfinger, from your very own bedroom.  This is what upcoming producer Michael Bono from the small town of Perth, Australia, has achieved.  Picked by Grammy nominated producer, John Feldmann, Michael has been working on major label music from his own bedroom.

When Michael was asked about why he first began producing, he explained “music production has always been a strong passion of mine ever since I experienced my first recording session in a studio with one of my first bands at age 13.” He went on to say he found it fascinating how a producer could take an idea that had been created from a garage jam to a professional sounding song.

Throughout high school, Michael started to record music on a basic program called ‘Mixcraft’ for an assignment he had to complete in class. After getting a taste of what was possible, Michael went on to record his own guitar riffs after school with friends as a hobby, not realising what was to come of it.

In 2016, Feldmann contacted Michael and his former band The Faim after gaining interest from 30 song ideas he had produced. After grinding on these song ideas for a period of four months, the band was signed to BMG which led to them touring the world. Whilst touring with Sleeping With Sirens around Australia and New Zealand in 2018, Michael was presented with the opportunity to cover Blondie’s ‘One Way Or Another’.  Although this would be a difficult task during touring commitments, Michael accepted this challenge and needed to send the cover fast as they were up against other bands. After staying awake for over 50 hours, producing in-between flights, before and after a show and in-between interviews, the song was instantly loved by Coca Cola and was used for their ad campaign across Europe.

John recognised Michael’s undeniable talent in producing music and this led to contacting him via a FaceTime call mid-2018. Michael was asked if he would like to intern and produce for upcoming projects alongside Feldmann for Foxy Studios. Without hesitating, Michael accepted this offer.

When asked about his thoughts on Michael, Feldmann replied “He’s very motivated and extremely talented. Michael is very creative, has great taste in music and is an incredible singer and guitar player.” Feldmann went on to explain that Michael helped him get songs he had started to the finish line for bands such as The Hunna, New Politics, The Used and Blink-182. “I cannot wait for Michael to begin working with me and I have been honoured to have him as part of my team” Feldmann added.

If these comments are anything to go by, we are sure to see the name Michael Bono involved in a lot of exciting future projects alongside John Feldmann in the near future.


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