BOXBOY pours passion into everything he crafts, soaking up the atmospheric vibe around him and channeling it back into the world. Creative curiosity, artistic hunger, and authentic connection are at the heart of his music, an ever-evolving sound sharpened by rich experience in just a few short years. 

Shaped by Sydney; heartbroken in Hollywood; reinvented in London, the Australian singer/songwriter born Harrison Wain taps into rock, trap, and alt-pop with an earnest, relatable swagger. Each song offers an organic blend of anthemic hooks and intimate emotional truth-telling. 

The self-professed Prince Of The Underworld built a massive following on TikTok (3.7 million followers), Instagram (1.4 million), and YouTube (300k subs) through a series of shareable, viral videos, colored by his easygoing charm and relatability. BOXBOY’s diverse group of fans eagerly followed him into music, pushing his first few songs past 3 million streams on Spotify alone. 

“NOTHING LASTS FOREVER” is part breakup track, part manifesto, a mission statement of sorts running parallel to BOXBOY’s rapid musical evolution. Purposefully prolific during the pandemic shutdown, BOXBOY wrote literally hundreds of songs, immersing himself in sound and new instrumentation. Bangers like “FUCK LOVE,” “TRUST ISSUES,” “NEVER DIE,” “HEARTBREAK CHASER,” and the tracks found on the LOVE IS WAR EP push genre boundaries with effortless ease. 

His songs resonate with listeners who connect to the energized sneer of Yungblud, the melodic chill of Post Malone, the upbeat angst of MGK, and the accessible crossover stomp of Bring Me The Horizon. Signed by Big Noise Music Group on the strength of his first few songs, BOXBOY joins a roster as diverse as his tastes, a growing family that includes Mod Sun, girlfriends, and The Used. 


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